Executive Business Aircraft

Business Jet Line-up.


Passenger: 8-20

Cruise: 0.79 Mach

Range: 6,270nm (11,612km)


Passenger: 8-30

Cruise: 0.79 Mach

Range: 5,630nm (10,427km)


Passenger: 8-40

Cruise: 0.79 Mach

Range: 5,545nm (10,269km)

Global 7000

Passenger: 10-19

Cruise: 0.79 Mach

Range: 7,400nm (13,705km)

Global 6000

Passenger: 8-19

Cruise: 0.88 Mach

Range: 6,000nm (11,112km)

Global 5000

Passenger: 8-17

Cruise: 0.88 Mach

Range: 5,200nm (9,630km)

Challenger 650

Passenger: 12

Cruise: 0.82 Mach

Range: 4,000nm (7,408km)

Challenger 350

Passenger: 10

Max Cruise: 0.82 Mach

Range: 3,200nm (5,926km)

Learjet 75

Passenger: 8

Max Cruise: 0.82 Mach

Range: 2,040nm (3,778km)

Learjet 70

Passenger: 9

Max Cruise: 0.81 Mach

Range: 2,060nm (3,815km)

Aircraft Comparison

A wide selection of aircraft comparison from basic detailing and technical specification upto range specification.

Aircraft Charter

Sojitz Business Jet Executive Charter Fleet.

Passenger: 13

Bed: 5-6

Passenger: 15

Bed: 5-6

Passenger: 16

Bed: 6-7

Passenger: 14

Bed: 5-6

Passenger: 13

Bed: 6

Sojitz Business Jet Concepts

Between capitals and country sides, conferences and continents, business and leisure centers of the world, our services will exceed the needs and expectations of the world's most discerning travelers.

Security & Privacy

Each year, billions of people fly on commercial airlines, taxing local authorities in security efforts.


Even between the cities where no commercial airlines operate, you can plan your own route based on your preferred time schedule.


Traditionally, business trips meant traveling by commercial airlines, causing precious time to be lost while out of office.


Having all the comforts of your home ensures that you can maintain personal productivity even while flying 14 hours non-stop.


Every aircraft can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Business Jet Support

We provide comprehensive solutions to meet all your aviation needs, from aircraft type consultation to daily opertions, providing excellent business aviation support through our customer-oriented services, global partners and industry experience.

Sojitz Business Jet News

Mar 28, 2018:  ANA and Sojitz Establish New Private Jet Charter Company

Our Partners

Sojitz Business Jet Group is partnered with some of the selected finest aviation industry in the world.
We are proudly representing a high class service together with there class quality.



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